Xumanii, Inc. (OTCBB:XUII) Goes Another Notch Down on Fading Volume

9XUII_chart.pngStock pumps with large budgets often manage a prolonged run before the levee breaks and the price goes under. It seems this is never the case when the promoter in question is Victory Mark Corp. Their newest victim – Xumanii, Inc. (OTCBB:XUII) has been sliding slowly but surely, on its way back down to its pre-pump prices.

Victory Mark (VM) seem to have given up on XUII in a record-breaking short stretch of time, with less than a week of tout emails. Considering Penny Stock Heroes and Select Penny Stocks, the two heads of the VM hydra, disclosed a budget of $500 thousand paid to promote XUII, this short run of promo emails and the disappointing price action may upset the third party that handed out half a million. Then again, the dollar volume accumulated since the pump spiked is about $7 million, so everyone who wanted out of the stock had an ample opportunity to sell at the inflated price.

Even with promoter The Stock Psycho (alerting under the Darth Trader alias as well) jumping on board of the XUII pump, the stock couldn’t handle the wildly unrealistic 200% climb of last Wednesday after it had spent months in a flatline. The Stock Psycho alerts were uncompensated but came a little after the initial Victory Mark pumps and the Psycho at the very least had the honesty to warn subscribers that this pick was already ‘fueled by hype’.

It’s commendable that the Stock Psycho registered the fact that Victory Mark disclosed half a million in compensation and alerted his own subscribers that this was going to be a huge hype job, but it would have been even better if he did checked how Victory Mark’s previous pumps performed, or rather failed to perform.

2HIDC_fail.pngVM’s track record is particularly terrible, considering their outfits consistently disclose $500 thousand in compensation. The latest pump disaster VM offered its subscribers was Harbor Island Development Corp. (OTCBB:HIDC) – a spectacular run on the first day of the pump, followed by a downhill race that left the price roughly 90% down from the spike of the pump.

We have already covered all the things that are not quite right with XUII in several of our previous articles and urge those who skipped them to have a closer look. The fact of the matter is that left with no promoter support and with no new announcements to keep the hype alive, it looks like there’s little holding XUII back from continuing down this slippery slope.

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