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Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:LQMT) Plummets

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:LQMT) has been sliding down the charts for quite some time now. The company stock dropped below the 10 cent per share mark two and a half months ago and it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop losing weight any time soon.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]After all, the financial performance of [[tagnumber 6]]LQMT[[tagnumber 7]] has been declining. The company issued their report for the third quarter of the week last month and it contained the following numbers in its balance sheet.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 12]]cash: $4.38 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current assets: $6.91 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current liabilities: $1.9 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly revenues: $42 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly net loss: $1.23 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 22]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Overall, these numbers aren’t that bad for an OTC marketplace company, but the figures are getting worse. The revenue has dropped significantly compared to last year while the net loss has gone up. [[tagnumber 6]]LQMT[[tagnumber 7]] is also burning through its cash reserves pretty fast, while picking up more liabilities.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]The company announced that it will be directly selling custom knives in Tuesday and they have put a price tag of $320 per unit on their website. The decent news, however, didn’t work in favor of [[tagnumber 6]]LQMT[[tagnumber 7]] and we saw the ticker crash and lose 16.08% in yesterday’s trading, closing at $0.0621.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]And although things are going better today and [[tagnumber 6]]LQMT[[tagnumber 7]] is in the green as of the writing of this article we don’t think that the ticker will be able to recover the lost value.[[tagnumber 2]]


How Long Can Progressive Care Inc (OTCMKTS:RXMD) Go Up?

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]The past few weeks have been pretty great for the stock of Progressive Care Inc (OTCMKTS:RXMD). After busting out above the 1 cent per share mark last month we saw a bit of hesitation, but the ticker quickly returned to its upward direction.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 6]]RXMD[[tagnumber 7]] was gaining quite a lot of height and the volumes increased. The company itself isn’t doing that badly when it comes to business, but the numbers contained in their balance sheet are still not that good. Here is a quick example of the one contained in the Q3 report.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 12]]cash: $270 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current assets: $1.3 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current liabilities: $2 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly sales: $3.3 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly net loss: $160 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 22]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]The real problem with [[tagnumber 6]]RXMD[[tagnumber 7]] is the massive dilution that the stock has been put through. As we previously wrote, the company stock has been diluted by nearly 1000% in the period between December 31, 2013 and September 30, 2015.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]This was still not enough to stop [[tagnumber 6]]RXMD[[tagnumber 7]] from climbing the charts and the ticker gained another impressive 28.99% in yesterday’s session, closing at $0.0267. Still, things might be changing pretty soon as the company stock is already 17.98% in the red as of the writing of this article. In any case, be sure to do your due diligence and weigh out the risks before putting any money on the line.[[tagnumber 2]]


Trans-Pacific Aerospace Company Inc (OTCMKTS:TPAC) Gets Corrected

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]TransPacific Aerospace Company Inc (OTCMKTS:TPAC)’s stock was dragging in triple zero land for quite some time before surging for no apparent reason. The surges from the beginning of the week pushed the ticker above the $0.001 per share mark and came without any new press releases or paid promotions.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]This was rather strange, especially considering all the red flags surrounding the company. First of all, TPAC hasn’t been diligently posting their financial filings. The latest 10Q covers the quarter ended July 31 and contains the following numbers.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 9]] [[tagnumber 10]]cash: $95 thousand[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 10]]current liabilities: $490 thousand[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 10]]quarterly revenues: ZERO[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 10]]quarterly net loss: $1.5 million[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 18]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]But this is not the biggest problem surrounding [[tagnumber 22]]TPAC.[[tagnumber 23]] As we previously wrote the company managed to dilute its common stock by a massive 600% in less than a year, going from 497 million outstanding shares in March to 3.8 BILLION OS in September.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Yesterday [[tagnumber 22]]TPAC[[tagnumber 23]] announced that they have managed to repurchase and retire 500 million shares under its share repurchase program. It seems, however, that the news came a bit late, because the ticker lost a total of 15.38% and closed at $0.0011.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 22]]TPAC[[tagnumber 23]] is already 18.18% in today’s trading so it seems that the company stock will keep correcting until it reaches its previous levels, despite the positive news that keep coming today.[[tagnumber 2]]

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