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Ekso Bionics Holding (OTCBB:EKSO) On An Upward Run

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]The stock of Ekso Bionics Holding (OTCBB:EKSO) started the month rather strongly, but went on to slide down the charts before dropping below the $1 per share mark, for the first time in quite a while.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]The ticker managed to recover the lost value quickly, but there was a little hiccup in the end of last week. More recently, the company stock has been doing rather good. This is not surprising, considering the fact that EKSO is one of the OTC companies that have some of the best numbers contained in their balance sheets.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 9]] [[tagnumber 10]]cash: $16.2 million[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 10]] current assets: $22.1 million[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 10]]current liabilities: $8.3 million[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 10]]quarterly revenues: $2.1 million[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 10]]quarterly net loss: $5.6 million[[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 20]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]After all, the company is working with the US government on the TALOS project and is currently providing exoskeletons for medical use. This might be the reason why [[tagnumber 24]]EKSO[[tagnumber 25]] started going up the charts once again, despite the lack of news coming from the company.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Yesterday the ticker gained another 11.98% in value after it was touted by Seraphim Strategies, a paid promoter. We also saw a total of 1.07 million shares being traded as [[tagnumber 24]]EKSO[[tagnumber 25]] was going for a close at $1.31, which generated $1.31 million in daily dollar volume.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]The company stock is going up in today’s session as well, but the current market cap of $133 million suggests that you should be sure to do your due diligence and weigh out all the risks before putting any money on the line.[[tagnumber 2]]


Propanc Health Group Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) Making A Recovery

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]The stock of Propanc Health Gorup Corp (OTCMKTS:PPCH) has had a decent run since the beginning of the year and people who got in at the end of 2014 are reaping quite the profits. That is even after the notsogood performance that we saw from the ticker in this month.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]The performance, however, wasn’t that surprising. [[tagnumber 6]]PPCH[[tagnumber 7]] is a biotech company that is still in the stage of animal trials, so it will be a long time until we see any potential revenuegenerating products from them. Meanwhile, the numbers in the company’s balance sheet have not been very promising, compared to other OTC biotech companies. Here is an example from their Q1 report.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 12]]cash: $168 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current assets: $308 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current liabilities: $2.16 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]revenue: ZERO (since inception)[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly net loss: $454 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 22]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Despite all this we see that [[tagnumber 6]]PPCH[[tagnumber 7]] has managed to recover in the past few sessions. After the company stock dropped 18.29% in Monday’s session we saw them being touted by The Wealthy Biotech Traded whose parent company is being compensated $60 thousand by [[tagnumber 6]]PPCH[[tagnumber 7]] in the form of a convertible note as well as being paid another $5 thousand per month for the promotional effort.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]This led to some green closes and we saw [[tagnumber 6]]PPCH[[tagnumber 7]] gain 11.11% in yesterday’s session, closing at $0.04. A total of 8.4 million shares were traded and generated $332 thousand in daily dollar volume, which showed some heightened investor attention.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]It seems that the pumpinduced hype, however, is gone and [[tagnumber 6]]PPCH[[tagnumber 7]] is trading 4.50% in the red as of the writing of this article, so you should be sure to weigh out all the risks that we have previously talked about before putting any money on the line.[[tagnumber 2]]

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