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Eventure Interactive Inc (OTCBB:EVTI) Tries To Regain Lost Positions Again

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]The stock of Eventure Interactive Inc (OTCBB:EVTI) was barely traded throughout the first half of the year, but as its descent became steeper and steeper in the June and July so far the daily volumes suddenly increased.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]The declining price wasn’t the only thing responsible for the increased trading. Stock commenters such as Coral Gables and traders350 also covered the ticker which added to the publicity. Unfortunately, the company itself is in a dire state and it will be hard for [[tagnumber 6]]EVTI[[tagnumber 7]] to handle the attention. A quick look at the numbers contained in the company’s Q1 filing reveals what we are talking about.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 12]]cash: $1 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]total assets: $76 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current liabilities: $2.2 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]revenues: ZERO[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly net loss: $4.3 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 22]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Evidently, those are some pretty horrific numbers, but the market cap of [[tagnumber 6]]EVTI[[tagnumber 7]] isn’t that big either. Still, it is understandable why people are not impressed with the company and why the stock’s performance has been the way it is.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Last week the ticker managed to secure two sessions in the green, but quickly turned back down again, sliding to a new 52week low of $0.0036 after a 33.33% loss in Friday’s session. A positive press release from yesterday provided for some uplift and we saw [[tagnumber 6]]EVTI[[tagnumber 7]] gain 11.11% and close at $0.004 on a $154 thousand daily dollar volume.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Today, however, we see that the company stock is doing badly once again and might very well continue to close in the red. Doing your due diligence and weighing out the risks is absolutely crucial, especially dealing with volatile stocks.[[tagnumber 2]]


Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ANRZ) Just Keeps On Sliding

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]The stock of Alpha Natural Resources, Inc. (OTCMKTS:ANRZ) has suffered a lot as it was downgraded from being traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to the OTC bulletin board. The stock had been slowly declining for quite some time, but as the news hit the presses [[tagnumber 2]]ANRZ[[tagnumber 3]] literally crashed on massive volumes.[[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 0]]Of course, being listed on the NYSE, means that [[tagnumber 2]]ANRZ[[tagnumber 3]] isn’t your ordinary OTC entity. Furthermore, its market cap of around $4.5 million is very small when you consider the impressive numbers contained in the company’s financial reports. Here is just an example from [[tagnumber 2]]ANRZ’s[[tagnumber 3]] Q1 filing.[[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 15]] [[tagnumber 16]]cash: $476 million[[tagnumber 17]] [[tagnumber 16]]current assets: $1.5 billion[[tagnumber 17]] [[tagnumber 16]]current liabilities: $943 million[[tagnumber 17]] [[tagnumber 16]]quarterly revenues: $841 million[[tagnumber 17]] [[tagnumber 16]]quarterly net income: $68 million[[tagnumber 17]] [[tagnumber 26]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 0]]And while these numbers are quite impressive, [[tagnumber 2]]ANRZ[[tagnumber 3]] only managed to record a single green session since its delisting from the NYSE, gaining 23.80% last Tuesday. After that the company stock returned to sliding down the charts and the daily volumes declined.[[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 0]]This week started with a 8.88% loss and [[tagnumber 2]]ANRZ[[tagnumber 3]] finished yesterday’s session with a price of $0.0631. During the six and a half hours of trading we saw more than 2.2 million shares changed their owners and generated $151 thousand in daily dollar volume.[[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 4]] [[tagnumber 0]]Will [[tagnumber 2]]ANRZ[[tagnumber 3]] manage to stabilize and regain some of the lost value is for time to tell. Until that time comes you should be sure to do your due diligence in order to set appropriate time horizons for your trades.[[tagnumber 4]]


Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) Hesitating Around The $0.015 Per Share Mark

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]The first half of the year went rather badly for the stock of Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) as the stock lost more than 50% of the value it had in January. The recent news that North Carolina has approved the legalization of Hemp/CBD oil had an impressive on the company stock in the beginning of last week, but the hype quickly dissipated.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]One of the reasons might be the fact that [[tagnumber 6]]HEMP[[tagnumber 7]] is still not fully operational. Their Temafa decortication plant is still not reassembled and the numbers contained in the company’s balance sheet for the first quarter of the year don’t look very appealing.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 12]]cash: $632 thousand[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current assets: $2.3 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current liabilities: $2.27 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly revenues: $6,223[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly net loss: $1.08 million[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 22]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]And while some investors might argue that the company’s cash reserves and current assets are decent we must not forget that the current market cap of [[tagnumber 6]]HEMP[[tagnumber 7]] is standing above $40 million. Considering the massive dilution that the company stock has experienced, the 2.5 BILLION increase in authorized shares and the impressive amount of preferred shares still not converted this valuation seems a bit steep.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]These are all prerequisites for [[tagnumber 6]]HEMP’s[[tagnumber 7]] lack of ability to keep the gains it made after the NC legalization of CBD/Hemp oil. The company slipped 4.91% in yesterday’s session and closed at $0.0155 with a total of 10.3 million traded shares and a daily dollar volume of $167 thousand.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]In any case, you should be sure to do your own due diligence and weigh out any risks involved before putting any money on the line.[[tagnumber 2]]

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