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Rainbow Coral Corp (OTCMKTS:RBCC) Keeps Descending

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]Lately we have seen quite a lot of volatility from Rainbow Coral Corp (OTCMKTS:RBCC)’s stock that has been going up and down the charts in increased volumes. After climbing above the $6 per share mark in the second half of last month we saw the ticker crash violently before embarking on another climb in midAugust.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Unfortunately, the upward run was halted at $2.5 per share and we saw [[tagnumber 6]]RBCC[[tagnumber 7]] crash down the charts once again. This was expected due to the overly inflated market cap of the company stock and the horrible numbers that we got to see in the financial report covering the second quarter of the year.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 11]] [[tagnumber 12]]cash: $2,740[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current assets: $4,524[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]current liabilities: $517,798[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly revenues: $27,683[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 12]]quarterly net loss: $136,929[[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 22]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Despite the fact that the company kept on issuing fluff PR releases suggesting that the company is involved in the pharmaceutical industry, while its revenues are solely generated by an aquarium supplies retail store, we saw the ticker lose altitude very fast with the beginning of this week.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]After recording a 11.33% loss in Monday we saw [[tagnumber 6]]RBCC[[tagnumber 7]] drop a further 17.85% in yesterday’s session, closing at $1.47. A total of 154 thousand traded shares generated $253 thousand in daily dollar volume at those prices and the intense trading shows that more and more people were eager to get out before incurring further losses.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Today’s session is a bit more stable and [[tagnumber 6]]RBCC[[tagnumber 7]] has nested at the $1.60 per share mark, but the market cap remains quite big when you take the fundamentals of the company into account.[[tagnumber 2]]


How Long Can SolarWindow Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:WNDW) Recover

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]SolarWindow Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:WNDW) made an impressive run earlier this month which led the ticker to impressive heights of around $3.80 per share. This was all in anticipation of a “webcast” that was supposed to show the company’s solar powergenerating window technology in action.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]We aren’t certainly sure that the person who wrote the press release is aware of what a webcast is, but that is certainly something that investors didn’t get. Instead of an “Internet broadcast of a live event” we got a 2:40 minute video full of generic images, soothing music and some solar panels that were generating electricity for a couple of LED lights.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]The result was a 40% drop in the company stock value over the course of just 2 days and a massive volume that indicated a lot of people were trying to minimize their losses. Meanwhile, the terrible financial results that were recorded for the quarterly period ended May 31, 2015 also contributed to the loss.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 13]] [[tagnumber 14]]cash: $69 thousand[[tagnumber 15]] [[tagnumber 14]]current assets: $247 thousand[[tagnumber 15]] [[tagnumber 14]]current liabilities: $2.4 million[[tagnumber 15]] [[tagnumber 14]]revenues: ZERO[[tagnumber 15]] [[tagnumber 14]]net loss: $1.5 million[[tagnumber 15]] [[tagnumber 24]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]In the same time, the company stock was commanding a market value of more than $100 million, which is quite a lot when you look at these numbers. Still, it did manage to recover in the first sessions of this week, adding 14.35% and 10.27% in Monday’s and Tuesday’s sessions. The volumes decreased somewhat and the 352 thousand traded shares yesterday generated $988 thousand in daily trade value.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]The recovery, however, might be shortlived as we see that [[tagnumber 32]]WNDW[[tagnumber 33]] gapped down in today’s session and opened at $2.72 per share. The ticker is sitting 12.07% down from yesterday’s close at $2.55 as of the writing of this article, but there is the possibility that we can see it slide further due to the fact that even at the current market cap of $76 million [[tagnumber 32]]WNDW[[tagnumber 33]] is considered overvalued.[[tagnumber 2]]


How Long Will Avra Inc (OTCMKTS:AVRN) Rise

[[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 1]]For the most part of the year Avra Inc (OTCMKTS:AVRN) has been hovering between the $0.30 and $0.40 per share mark with very small volumes. Lately, however, the illiquid stock has gained quite a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]][[tagnumber 6]]AVRN[[tagnumber 7]] was the target of a paid promotion that managed to briefly push it above the $1 per share mark in the final session of last week. The pumpers used an interesting method this time. They went on promoting [[tagnumber 6]]AVRN[[tagnumber 7]] through WhatsApp, which created quite the backlash and the price quickly deflated, leading the company stock to a close of the week at $0.19.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Meanwhile, the company financials show that [[tagnumber 6]]AVRN[[tagnumber 7]] is in a dire situation. Here are just some of the numbers contained in their quarterly report for the period ended April 30, 2015.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 19]] [[tagnumber 20]]cash: $25 thousand[[tagnumber 21]] [[tagnumber 20]]current assets: $26 thousand[[tagnumber 21]] [[tagnumber 20]]current liabilities: $245 thousand[[tagnumber 21]] [[tagnumber 20]]revenues: ZERO (since inception)[[tagnumber 21]] [[tagnumber 20]]quarterly net loss: $118 thousand[[tagnumber 21]] [[tagnumber 30]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Still, despite all this, the paid promotion seems to be paying off. The volumes have significantly increased and we have seen [[tagnumber 6]]AVRN[[tagnumber 7]] close the past 4 sessions in the green. This week started quite well, with a 23.68% gain and we saw the ticker add another 14.89% to its value in yesterday’s session. The volumes have dropped since the start of the pump, however, and the 845 thousand shares that were traded yesterday generated $222 thousand in daily dollar volume.[[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]] [[tagnumber 2]] [[tagnumber 0]]Today we see the first signs of hesitation, as [[tagnumber 6]]AVRN[[tagnumber 7]] is 2.59% in the red as of the writing of this article. Considering the horrible financial situation of the company, the overly inflated market cap and the fact that the current run relied only on paid promoters we might see a serious correction, so be sure to do your due diligence and weigh out the risks before putting any money on the line.[[tagnumber 2]]

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