The Brand New Promotion of Premier Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS:BRND)

1BRND_chart.pngThe most recent promotion of Premier Brands, Inc. (OTCMKTS:BRND) has generated some mind-blowing movements in the charts and is starting a promising run for their stock. Will they be able to contain the upward momentum, however, or are they going to drop like a brick.

The stock of BRND is going in a northern direction for the third day in a row now with massive percentile movements driving the stock price up. In just two trade sessions BRND‘s stock price is a mind-blowing 1192% up, climbing the charts with great speed, on high volumes and generating huge trade values for this low priced stock. Today is not any different with their stock climbing even higher.

Even though they had a huge 200% jump on June 10, the trade value for the day didn’t manage to breach the $200 thousand trade value mark as it ended up with 67 million traded shares that managed to reach a trade value of only $176 thousand. However, let’s not forget that BRND‘s stock was traded in double zero prices as it finished the day at $0.0039.

Yesterday the company’s stock made another monstrous jump in price, going up 297% on a heavy volume of 96 million shares that switched hands. The company’s stock gapped up 30% with a price of $0.0049 per share. The session started like a dumping fiasco with more than 25 million that were exchanged in the first minutes of trading.

697LOGO.pngThis , however, didn’t push the price down and there were several spikes after which it all calmed down and the stock started to move slowly up the charts. The big break for the day came in the last hour in which the stock had already reached $0.01, as it jumped to 0.0155 in approximately half an hour. The total value that was generated by the upwards movement came at $788 thousand, something that hasn’t happened to BRND‘s stock.

Insiders are dumping as crazy with today’s price also going up 90% only one and a half hours into trading on a very high volume of over 55 million shares. As the price went from $0.018 at market open to its current levels of $0.0295 it managed to make a spike of $0.0359. These prices can be held accountable for the massive trade value that is at this time $1.4 million.

80NTEK_chart.pngThis unprecedented movement might fool more investors to buy the stock, but beware, it might start going down as fast as it went up and create a huge loss for people that were lured in from the hype that was created with the promotional campaign. The campaign is not paid, but some pumpers are trying to wash their hands from a previous pump job on the gains that the stock of BRND is making.

Be sure to do your due diligence and weigh out all the risks before you decide to invest. BRND‘s stock is very volatile and may continue going up, but may crash very badly also.

Not so big of a jump in yesterdays trade session was that of NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NTEK) who went 20% up in yesterday’s trade session, but are going down today and are currently traded at $0.0931. On the other hand Celceutix Corp (OTCBB:CTIX) who gained 10% yesterday are managing to keep level in todays session currently trading at $1.85.

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