Smalltime Pumpers Fail with Goff, Corp. (OTCBB:GOFF)

7GOFF_chart.pngIt has been more than two weeks since Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) dropped Goff, Corp. (OTCBB:GOFF). Last Friday, we received a few new pumps on GOFF from smaller pumpers.

Despite the use of bombastic phrases like “the biggest bounce play” and “insane profits,” yesterday GOFF closed at a new low – $0.038 per share, down 5%.

3RITE.pngThe limited market response wasn’t much of a surprise, considering the track record of those pump outfits. For Prepump Stocks, GOFF actually outperformed their previous pump – MinteralRite Corp (OTCMKTS:RITE) which crashed 22% the day it was promoted.

1GROC.pngThe newsletters of Tribeca Investments Ltd. started touting GOFF over the weekend. SquawkBoxStocks, ChatterBoxStocks and Awesome Stocks were used in the Apr. 21 pump of Great Rock Development Corp (OTCMKTS:GROC). It was a complete disaster, as you can see on the chart.

Whether it was just lucky timing or something more, yesterday GOFF issued a press release, saying it has initiated the process for the drilling permit for the La Frontera project. That, however, wasn’t enough to lift the price up. It seems APS and Victory Mark have really milked everything GOFF had.

In the meantime, APS sent an email saying their next pick should be announced in the coming two weeks. Pump players will get another chance to make a quick buck, and some more naive traders will get caught up in the next APS pump job.

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