Emo Capital Corp. (OTCBB:NUVI) Is Still Dangerous

2NUVIchart.pngWouldn’t you know it our old acquaintance Emo Capital Corp. (OTCBB:NUVI) is once again trying to lure investors with nothing but promises. On July 22 we started receiving alert mails advertising the company, and yesterday the touting only intensified.

The newsletters involved in the current pumping come from all shapes and sizes. Most of the pump emails originate from Global Marketing Media, LLC, through their numerous affiliates – PennyStockPros, PennyStockCircle, The Stock Scout, to name a few. For their services the company received compensation of $35 thousand. Stock Mister is also doing its part for the more humble sum of $15 thousand.

All in all the money that is being distributed this time is a lot less than $500 thousand invested in the previous pump. Back then even experienced investors who are accustomed to playing pumped stocks found it difficult to make any gains. The stock crashed by nearly a quarter of its value on the very first day of touting.

Now things aren’t much different even though NUVI is 2% up. The ticker opened at $0.10 but in less the an hour dropped to $0.09. Investors who bought in during the opening hours of the market, when most of 2.3 million traded volume happened, and who didn’t sell almost immediately suffered losses.

In a familiar fashion NUVI themselves tried to create some hype by releasing a press article on the very same day the pump started. In it the company decided to share that it has bought all of the client base of ME-4Free,an online natural male enhancement products community. We don’t know what exactly this is supposed to mean because on July 26, just before the previous pump mind you, NUVI announced the acquisition of ME-4Free.

Not to mention that they don’t actually have an official site at the moment.

The negative performance of the company despite the generous pumps can be easily explained with a quick look at their fundamentals. In the quarterly for the period ending April 30 they disclosed:

  • ZERO assets
  • ZERO revenues
  • $47 thousand total liabilities
  • $5600 net loss

7XUIIchart.pngAnd as if these dismal numbers weren’t enough NUVI also possesses some of the classic signs for a pump scheme – 2 million shares sold to its sole director for $2000, 3 million shares sold to undisclosed parties for $30 000. After the 7 for 1 forward split in 2010, these people held 14 million shares for $0.0001 each and 21 million for $0.001.They stand to gain millions in profits even at the current prices of the stock.

Yesterday was a disaster for Awesome Penny Stocks. Their pick Xumanii, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XUII) was well on its way to the coveted $1 mark when it was cut almost in half, dropping by 44% to stop at $0.37. In a glorious display of dumping more than 65 million shares were thrown at the market. Petro River Oil Corp. (OTCBB:PTRC) suffered through third day of corrections, this time losing 23% of its value.

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