Bird Gang Stocks Bring MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (OTC:MCET) Through the Roof

When a stock shoots up 145%, clocking in at $0.0049, it is highly suspect as a paid promotion. On Tuesday, MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (OTC:MCET) achieved its second-best volume, coinciding with an emailed campaign that attracted investors for the fast gain potential in this double-zero ticker. The company more than doubled its price in two trading days, leaving us to guess if the effect will keep on the opening of Wednesday’s trading. MCET_3_0220.png

While some biotech companies bet on future therapies, MCET is supplying the industry with cell lines for research. To do this, and to complete its promised development, the company can rely on the following financial resources: DRGV0220.png

  • $304,169 cash
  • $1.4 million total current liabilities
  • $12,329 quarterly revenue
  • $317,358 net loss

The market cap of a little above $6 million is somehow disproportionate to the company’s assets, and MCET being a double-zero play, increases are also possible in the future, though fundamentally unstable. It is very doubtful if the daily jump of 145% will be repeated any time soon.

MCET was promoted in 2011, with significant spikes in the winter and summer months, quickly reverting to baseline levels. The ticker in the past has been capable of growing three to five times in price, and erasing the gains in just a few trading days. A similar sharp reversal may be possible for the last campaign. Otherwise, MCET has kept away from press releases for new activity, and any investors were probably attracted by the accessible stock price. The company has 1.2 billion outstanding shares, with a total of 3 billion shares outstanding. No large insider transactions were recorded so far, except for a purchase of 129 million shares by La Jolla Cove Investors, Inc.

The current pumper, Bird Gang Stocks, has a limited history starting in 2013, and this is the second campaign. One of the previous picks, Dragon Capital Group, Inc. (PINK:DRGV) was a similar double-zero play, doubling its value in a single day on a spike in volume. Later the stock retreated on large selling volumes and turned into a day bid, adding or shedding a third of its value in a single trading session. In the case of fast and risky double-zero bids, it is best to estimate your own acceptable level of losses before buying into a new and hot offer.

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